“The Chinese variant”: Klimenko proposed to limit the Internet in Russia



Russia in the field of Internet security should go the way of China and limit the Internet. This view was made by the presidential adviser on the development of the Internet Herman Klimenko. His words convey the Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti.

“One way is the Chinese version. Certainly, control is necessary because there are no opportunities to prevent it. China less sensitive to public opinion, they evaluated the threat and limited the Internet. Now they have no such problems”, — said Klimenko.

His statement Klimenko made during the lecture “Information security of Russia” in the framework of the course “Army and society”. In addition, the Advisor of the President said that foreign companies not responding to requests from Russian law enforcement agencies.

“We are in a strange position, when the territory of the Russian Federation is a foreign company, earns money, nevertheless, to any request of law enforcement she does not respond,” – said Klimenko.

Klimenko expressed his regret that representatives of law enforcement agencies can’t write to companies in What’s app with a request to disable encryption. In the case of foreign social networks and instant messengers do not cooperate with law enforcement authorities, “any self-respecting state ought to throw them away”. Lectures are held at the Military Academy of the General staff of the armed forces.