Sobyanin thanked the one who saved a woman from a sinking car in Moscow police

Sergei Sobyanin

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin called a police officer who pulled a woman from drowning in the river of the machine, a man with a big heart. On Friday, January 27, the mayor wrote in his Twitter.

“I am proud of the police act Alexey Konyaev and motorists who saved a woman from a sinking car. People with a big heart. Thank you!” — thanked the mayor.

Earlier Friday, the inspector of traffic police Konyaev told about the details of the incident. “It was necessary to save man. Never thought that can happen,” he said, adding that no injuries, neither he nor helped him motorists not received.

According to REN TV, save the girl together with the police rushed and ordinary passer-by Murat Shomakhov. They’ll both be nominated for the award.

Subaru Forester struck a guardrail on the Rostov embankment and fell into the Moscow river in the accident, which occurred on the evening of January 26. Saved was driving the girl, the police captain hospitalized Konyaev, General hypothermia and frostbite of both hands. Had fallen into the water the car was later lifted by a crane.