Regardie took custody of the Kerch Strait


RIA Novosti

Regardie ensure the protection of the waters of the Strait of Kerch, reports the press service of the Ministry.

“In accordance with the decree of the RF government of January 18, 2017 No. 32-R approved the updated list of water bodies located in areas with the most valuable natural resources on the areas where military units of national guard troops of the Russian Federation have to perform service-combat tasks. And if on lake Baikal, Yenisei river, Volga, Amur and some other areas of Regardie troops previously served, the Kerch Strait is to them a new sphere of responsibility,” — said the press service.

It is noted that for performing tasks for the protection of waters in service of Regardie there are speedboats, diving equipment, watercraft, vessel and partial reservation case.

Just last year the soldiers of Regardie spent about 2 thousand offshore operations in areas with the most valuable natural resources.