The widow of Vladimir Zeldin died 3 months after her husband

The widow of actor Vladimir Zeldin Ivetta Kapralova died at the age of 80 years. Reports radio station “Moscow speaking” with reference to her personal assistant Mary.   Kapralova died Saturday, January 28. According to preliminary data, the cause of death was heart failure.   A few months ago, October 31, 2016, the death of her husband Vladimir Zeldin. He was 101 years old. Until the last days he did not leave the profession and continued to perform on stage.   Memories of meeting Kapralova and Zeldin on his page on Instagram has shared the actor Stanislav Sadalsky.   “They were married almost 50 years ago, when Yvette studied at the faculty of journalism. She was considered one of the main beauties of the faculty, and the news that Kapralova married to actor Vladimir Zeldin, who is older than her by almost two times, became a sensation. They met when

Trump criticized leading US Newspapers

American President Donald trump harshly criticized the New York Times and The Washington Post. In his Twitter he wrote that editions are constantly published about him false information.   “The New York Times and The Washington Post are constantly published about me are false and malicious articles that the Times even had to apologize to its subscribers and readers, which are becoming smaller. From the beginning they understood me wrong, still did not change course and not going to do it. Indecent,” wrote the President of the United States.   Trump also called “feykovy” the publication of these papers.   This is not the first American edition that caused the wrath of the new leader of the country. Earlier, trump lashed out at CNN and BuzzFeed, and during a press conference before the inauguration and refused to answer questions of correspondents of these editions. Photo: imago stock&people / Globallookpress

The railroad bypassing Ukraine will miss up to 240 trains a day

Up to 240 passenger and freight trains will be held during the day, at railway, built to bypass Ukraine. About it told the Vice-President of JSC “RZD” Oleg Tony.   “The capacity of this area after completion of construction will be in accordance with the schedule. Only in summer is 62 passenger trains in each direction and the same number of freight trains”, – he said.   On the construction of the railway work 2.5 thousand civilian construction workers and about 1.5 thousand units of equipment. According to Tony, frosty weather does not harm the work.   “No harm, on the contrary, frosts are needed now more than thaw. The more you freeze, the faster and with a spark we will work”, – he stressed.   Saturday, 28 Jan, Tony and Deputy defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov made a working trip to Voronezh region, where he inspected the progress of construction

Russia has agreed to shelter the Ukrainian aircraft designers

Dmitry Rogozin The Russian authorities are ready to accept aircraft of the Ukrainian state enterprise “Antonov”, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He said this during a visit to the Voronezh aircraft joint-stock companies on Saturday, January 28, reports TASS. “We are waiting for the transfer to Russia of Ukrainian aircraft designers, to create “An”. Ready to receive them and to ensure that is not dead school Antonov”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the government. Ukrainian aviakontserna in 2016 not released any new aircraft. This situation is due to rupture of cooperation ties with Russia, which resulted in the “Antonov” has ceased to receive the Russian components. Now the management company is engaged in the search for alternative suppliers. In November of the same year, the company lost its General designer Dmitry Kiva. How wrote portal he quit and moved from Kiev to Baku, where he plans to

Dozens of Turkish troops from NATO bases in Germany sought political asylum

About 40 Turkish soldiers from NATO bases in Germany, asked the German authorities to grant them political asylum. About this newspaper Spiegel. Deserters declare that they left their posts because it fell under a “cleansing” at home after a failed coup in July last year. According to one of 40 soldiers, they “do not feel sympathy for the putschists”. 18 January it was reported that Turkish prosecutors issued a warrant for the arrest of 243 military. Operation on their detention was held simultaneously in 54 provinces. Military personnel suspected of involvement in the rebellion. In November 2016, several soldiers of the Turkish army at Ramstein air base asked for asylum in Germany. As said a local official Paul Junker, the family members of the military also apply for asylum. According to him, the requests come from “more than one family.” While other details he said. On 15 July last year

The new head of the German foreign Ministry called the only path to lifting sanctions against Russia

Sigmar Gabriel The only way to the lifting of EU sanctions in force against Russia, related to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, said the foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel at a meeting in Paris with his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault. About it reports Reuters. “Germany and France have a clear position on sanctions. We want to achieve implementation of the Minsk agreements. This is the only way to the lifting of sanctions,” he said. Gabriel was appointed to the post of head of the German foreign Ministry on January 27. In this position, he was replaced by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who like his successor, linked the process of lifting restrictions against Moscow with the progress in the implementation of “Minsk-2”. “A package of measures to implement the Minsk agreement” was signed in February 2015 the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine. The document spelled out the ceasefire in

In Moscow opened case for a jump with her daughter under a train in the subway

Investigators opened a criminal case against the women who jumped with his teenage daughter under a train at the metro station “Youth”. About the Agency “Moscow” has informed the senior assistant to the head of the Moscow dome RCDS Julia Ivanova. The woman is suspected of attempted murder of a minor. She, according to investigators, grabbed the girl born in 2006 by the shoulders and jumped off of her upcoming composition. Train emergency braked, then victims raised from the rails and was hospitalized. She slipped into a coma. The condition of her mother is serious. The total delay in the movement of trains on Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line because of the incident was 11 minutes, reports RIA Novosti citing a source in the emergency services. In a press-service of the Moscow subway said that the schedule returned to normal mode.

In St. Isaac’s Cathedral during a service was held to protest

Service in St. Isaac’s Cathedral (archive photos) Activists of opposition movements staged in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in protest against the transfer of the building to the Russian Orthodox Church. They entered the temple at a time when there was a vigil, according to “Fontanka”. A newspaper reporter counted about 20 protesters. The activists took out a sheet of paper with printed on them in large letters, making the words “Museum”. Others were photographed against the background of the priests. On the scene were summoned police, but they did not intervene. In the end, the Museum staff persuaded the protesters to disperse. In the afternoon of 28 January the Champ de Mars in St. Petersburg held rallies of supporters and opponents of the transfer of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church. In support of this decision made by Orthodox activists and members of the National liberation movement. Against the transition of