NI’s chances of destroyer of the U.S. Navy Zumwalt in the battle against the Russian “Peter the Great”

Edition of The National Interest held a hypothetical battle between the modern ship of the American Navy’s latest Zumwalt destroyer and the Russian ship type “Kirov” project 1144 – the last of these ships, the armament of the Russian fleet, is the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great”.


An American ship is created using the stealth technology, the purpose of which is to make the ship invisible to enemy radar. The Explorer edition of the Kyle Mizokami writes that the lead ship of three of this type has a displacement of around 14000 tons and can reach speeds of 30 knots. The destroyer was armed with two guns caliber 155 mm and capable of carrying cruise missiles Tomahawk, antisubmarine ASROC and ESSM anti-aircraft.


The author indicates that effective service with the Russian ship, despite his advanced age, approaching the age of 30. Special attention to a magnificent system of air defense cruiser. On the armament of the ship, whose main task – the destruction of large surface ships of the enemy, cruise missiles P-700 “Granite” anti-aircraft missile systems s-300F “Fort”, “Dagger” and “Dirk”.


According to Mizokami, in a situation where ships will be one on one in the open sea, the superiority – the Russian cruiser, if the exact location of the enemy is unknown, the American ship will have an advantage.


However, as noted in the article, this advantage has little value destroyer, because in service he had no anti-ship missiles “Harpoon”, respectively, to hit the enemy, you need to approach the minimum distance of 130 kilometers. But in this case “American” would be difficult to hit a maneuvering enemy.


While the Russian ship may respond to the launch of the “Granite” in the direction of Zumwalt, but, as suggested by the Explorer, an American destroyer will probably be able to knock most of the “Granites”.


In the end, according to Mizokami, a decisive advantage no latest us superesminets nor built almost 30 years ago, the Russian cruiser.