Milonov proposed to establish a Day of the February revolution


RIA Novosti

Deputy Vitaly Milonov introduced the state Duma a bill to establish in Russia a new memorable date — the Day of the February revolution. The corresponding document is available in the electronic database of the lower house of the Russian Parliament on Thursday, January 26.

“Unfortunately, due to ideological constraints of the Communist era, the role of the February revolution was devalued to a certain “bourgeois” level. However, the true importance of those events had for our country is of key importance”, — stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

The author of the initiative said that after the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II from the throne in Russia was “a great many of the tragic events.” Milonov emphasized that the Russians must not forget the lessons of history.

January 20 the extra-parliamentary party “Communists of Russia” proposed to introduce administrative responsibility for denying the facts of the October revolution such as the storming of the Winter Palace or the historic salvo of the cruiser “Aurora”. In the Communist party, this initiative was not supported.

The February revolution of 1917 in Russia still bears the name Bourgeois-democratic. As a result, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated, and the Empire ceased to be a monarchy.