In VKS RF is called the updates ABOUT Moscow

The missile defense system of Moscow and the Central industrial district will be upgraded after two or three years. This was announced by the head of Department of combat algorithms and programs connection ABOUT the Russian space forces Colonel Ilgar Tagiyev, the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.


He said that currently work is underway to improve the technical characteristics of the missile system. The transition to modern element base will completely happen two or three years.


Tagiyev noted that over the years, ABOUT the passed several stages of its modernization. He recalled that the missile defense system this year is 55 years old.


“Currently, the weapons system is ABOUT the second generation, the beginning of the development which fell on the 1980-90 years,” said the Colonel. He pointed out that engineering solutions during its creation was ahead of its time.


Thus, according to Tagiyeva, the system has potential for modernization, which allows to respond adequately to the emergence of promising means of aerospace attack the enemy.


Now develops an advanced missile, after they are created, you will be speaking about the emergence of a missile defense system of the third generation, added the Colonel.

Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK “Star”