In Norway has accused Russia of attempts to influence the Nobel Committee

Russian diplomats tried to influence the interference in the work of the Nobel Committee, reports the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.

According to her, Russia tried to prevent the awarding of the Nobel peace prize for the year 2015 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. This goal was allegedly organized the publication of the letter, which refers to the attempt of the U.S. Embassy in Oslo to achieve the award Poroshenko.

Later, the new Director of the Nobel Institute Olav Engelstad was to interview two Russian diplomats. It later turned out that one of them supposedly still is an employee of the foreign intelligence Service.

All this was seen in Norway as attempts to influence decisions on the Nobel peace prize in the context of a common threat, which is alleged to be in the West comes from Russia, exerting a “destabilizing” influence in Ukraine, the Eastern European region, the European institutions.

The Russian Embassy called the charges “paranoia”. Diplomats say that the collection of information analysis on domestic and foreign policy, the exchange of opinions with partners is an important part of daily work.

Peace prize for 2015 was awarded to the Quartet’s national dialogue in Tunisia for the decisive contribution to the construction of a pluralist democracy on the results of the Jasmine revolution in 2011.