In Israel, a passenger bus fell into a gorge with 70-metre height

As a result of falling passenger bus with a steep cliff in the gorge on the West Bank of the Jordan river in Israel, two people were killed. Seven more got wounds of different severity. On Friday, January 27, reports the newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

Three victims are in serious condition. According to the publication, due to the strong wind the bus from Jerusalem to Ariel, skidded and he fell off the 70-meter height.

The victims — 23-year-old passenger and 37-year-old driver.

According to rescuers access to the scene of the accident was hampered.

22 November 2016 in Thailand the bus with 40 passengers fell into the abyss. Then five people were killed and another 25 injured.

August 26, in Nepal a passenger bus fell into a river with a hundred-meter height. As a result, 21 people were killed. A few weeks before in the Nepalese district Kavrepalanchok a bus carrying 40 passengers, fell from the height of 150 meters into the gorge. The victims of the accident were 33 people.