Guide okunuvshis student in the snow the guard apologized to my children

The leadership of the Ivanovo private security company, whose employees rake in the snow schoolboy, publicly apologized to the students. On Friday, January 27, RIA Novosti said the Director of the school Natalia Evgrafova.

It is noted that the guard was reprimanded and transferred to another object. He also has been deprived of the award and promised to fire in case of repetition of such violations.

“The situation we discussed. The boys went home after school and played with snowballs, and one boy threw a snowball into the face of the girl, the security guard saw this and made a comment to Cyril was nearby. What Cyril told him, as the children said, swearing, and the guard behaved nepedagogichno,” — said tonight.

Judging by the video, filmed by classmates of the child, the man knocked the boy down and repeatedly dunked his head into the snow. Cyril himself later claimed that the guard struck him several blows. About the incident late last year in a school court yard №7 city of Kohma, it became known on January 26.