Dozens of Turkish troops from NATO bases in Germany sought political asylum

About 40 Turkish soldiers from NATO bases in Germany, asked the German authorities to grant them political asylum. About this newspaper Spiegel.

Deserters declare that they left their posts because it fell under a “cleansing” at home after a failed coup in July last year. According to one of 40 soldiers, they “do not feel sympathy for the putschists”.

18 January it was reported that Turkish prosecutors issued a warrant for the arrest of 243 military. Operation on their detention was held simultaneously in 54 provinces. Military personnel suspected of involvement in the rebellion.

In November 2016, several soldiers of the Turkish army at Ramstein air base asked for asylum in Germany. As said a local official Paul Junker, the family members of the military also apply for asylum. According to him, the requests come from “more than one family.” While other details he said.

On 15 July last year in Turkey was an attempt of a coup, which killed more than 230 people, more than 2.1 thousand were injured. After the suppression of the coup, the country began mass purges in government, public administration, courts, education, the army and the security services. Was closed more than 130 media, over 81 thousand people were suspended from work or dismissed. 32 thousands of defendants in the case about the attempt of the rebellion, are in custody.