Trump hopes soon to have a chat with Putin

American President Donald trump said that he expects to soon talk with the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. About this, the White house said in an interview with Fox News.


The journalist asked trump if he had a chance to talk with Putin after the inauguration. In response, the US President admitted that even the leaders of the two countries haven’t interviewed yet, although the Russian leader congratulated trump on his election victory.


“He called me when I won. We haven’t talked. But, as I understand it, soon we’ll have a chat,” said the American President.


In an interview with the American President also expressed the hope that joint efforts with Russia will be able “to beat the crap out of ISIS”. Trump said that the United States and Moscow should work together to together to defeat “disease” (as he called the prohibited in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic state”).


Earlier, a correspondent of NBC News Hallie Jackson said on Twitter that the alleged telephone conversations between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump will be this weekend January 28-29. In his entry Jackson referred to a personal source in the administration of the President of the United States.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / CNP / globallookpress