The police proposed to simplify a mechanism for removing children from families

Russia has increased the number of crimes against minors. About it “” said the chief of the precinct and divisions on Affairs of minors of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Elena Novoseltseva. According to her, this suggests the need to change legislation regarding emergency response to crisis situations in the family.

In 2012, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia, there were 6499 crimes against sexual integrity of children and adolescents, and in 2015 — already 10 942. As explained mean, a big part of the defendants in this article — parents and guardians.

“The statistics suggests that children in families can be a dangerous place, she said. We’re trying to figure out why this is happening. Does this mean the degradation of society? I can’t grasp that the father raped his own daughter. But, perhaps, we began to learn about such cases, thanks to the active position surrounding, the neighbors are no longer silent”.

However, the mean indicates that in the current legislation there is no clear mechanism for emergency response to a crisis situation. The law does not define the powers and duties of police in case when we are talking about the need to remove the child from the dangerous environment.

“Article 77 of the Family code, which established a system of stealing children, there is no police at all, only the guardianship, she said. So are the police in this procedure, no part can not accept, even if the first knows about the problems in the family. The law “On police” prescribes to us to help people in dire situations to protect them. So, if such a situation were the child, to intervene we must.”

Another problem, according to T., is that social workers only twice a year can come into a family with a scheduled audit, which are required in advance to notify parents. She noticed such a visit you can always prepare and therefore “difficult to accuse the guardianship that they ignored something”.

If children still separated from their parents, the staff of the social services needs within a week to determine whether to deny or limit parents ‘ rights. However, during this period, according to the T., it is impossible not only to resolve the conflict situation, but also to conduct a “diagnosis” of the family. “We need to have guardianship have the opportunity to work differently, not to solve these issues suddenly”, she said.

On 10 January the staff of the authorities of Moscow have withdrawn 10 children brought up in the family of Mikhail and Svetlana Del in Zelenograd. Educator the capital of the kindergarten found on the body of one of the pupils of bruises. The boy complained that the beatings inflicted by his father. On the same day, he and nine foster children were removed to ascertain the circumstances. In respect of the father’s adopted children, the police opened a criminal case under article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation “Beating”. He denies all the charges.