The Federation Council was skeptical about the reports of trump’s plans to lift sanctions

Andrei Klimov

Information about the plans of Washington to cancel anti-Russian sanctions is not credible. This assessment was shared by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimov told “” on Friday, January 27.

“I don’t think that’s true. Maybe someone decided to initiative a note to write,” said the Senator, commenting on recent media information about the intention of the President of the United States Donald trump to abandon the sanctions policy against Russia.

Klimov also said that, in his opinion, the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions is the problem of American and not the Russian authorities. “I am sincerely convinced that it is now their headache”, — he stressed.

Earlier on Friday appeared information about the fact that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump has prepared the order for removal is entered against Russia restrictive measures.

During the election campaign, trump has promised to improve relations with Moscow. He also said that in case of victory on elections will consider recognition of Crimea as part of Russia, as well as the lifting of sanctions.

Anti-Russian sanctions by the US, EU and several other countries were introduced on the accession of Crimea to Russia, and also in connection with the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine in 2014. Then they repeatedly extended and expanded.