The Australian foreign Ministry questioned the prospect of moving unwanted refugees in the United States

Nearly two thousand refugees who were not in Australia and sent to special camps may lose the opportunity to move to the US. About it reports The South China Morning Post, citing the words of Australian foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

The foreign Minister spoke with Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, however, refused to confirm that the two men discussed the deal for the expulsion of refugees. “I believe that the US and Australia will continue to work and mutual aid in the protection of borders,” she explained.

The publication notes that the contract of shipment to the US 1800 refugees was signed by the previous President Barack Obama in November 2016, and the administration of current President Donald trump has not made any statements concerning this agreement.

25 Jan trump has signed the decree about the protection of state borders, involving the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and a number of other restrictive measures. He also promised that migrants from Muslim countries will be subjected to unprecedented inspections.

Australia opened the camp to combat the increased illegal migration. Often in trying to hit Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The court, in which move the refugees usually are not adapted for swimming in the ocean, with the result that they often suffer distress.

Camps for illegal immigrants reside in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.