The analyst explained that the lifting of sanctions against Russia included in the scope of natsinteresov USA

To exclude the possibility of full or partial lifting of sanctions from the White house against Russia impossible, since Donald trump is guided by us national interests. This opinion website “Stars” was expressed by a member of the expert Council of the Fund, ISSI political scientist Leonid Polyakov.


“In the sphere of national interests includes only what benefits US. Trump does not see anything good to try to weaken Russia, to pay her some kind of economic or political damage. According to this logic really possible that he will take a unilateral decision on the lifting of sanctions,” – said the expert.


The poles are also reminded in this context that trump praised the gesture of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has not been expelled from Russia, American diplomats in response to the expulsion of 35 employees of the Russian Embassy in America.


“This (lifting sanctions) may be an advance on the part of trump, to continue to engage in constructive dialog on two subjects: first, to reduce the number of nuclear weapons, what trump said, and the second is about tackling the problem of Syrian refugees from Syria,” he suggested.


“Already announced by the us administration that it is looking for cooperation in the establishment of security zones for Syrian refugees. While this unilateral decision, but it is obvious that without the consent of Russia, such a scenario cannot be realized. And if trump really wants to solve the Syrian problem, on his part the first course in the sense of the lifting of sanctions would be quite logical,” – concluded the analyst.

Photo: Zhang Jun/ Xinhua/ Globallookpress