Shoigu Maslyakova awarded the medal “For strengthening military cooperation”


RIA Novosti

The Minister of defense of Russia, army General Sergey Shoigu was awarded the medal “For strengthening military cooperation” of the President of the International Union of KVN Alexander Maslyakov in the final of KVN among pre-University educational institutions of the Ministry of defense.

“Alexander, You deserve this award because you do much for the army and society. Importantly, what we would like to try these guys patriotism do not need to learn, it is the citizens of our country, a great country Russia. A lot of jokes, but all jokes heartily,” said the Minister.

According to the order, Maslyakov was awarded for great personal contribution to strengthening military cooperation and assistance in the solution of the tasks assigned and the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. “I’m a civilian, but as a civilian, have the right to say — to serve the Fatherland!”, — said Maslyakov.

The Minister also handed his General’s hat for the best joke team player Perm Suvorov military school “Team strategic mood” and watch the girl from the team of Boarding defense “Expansion”, which took third place in the final. The winner of the finals was the team of the Stavropol presidential cadet Academy “salute”, the second place won team “Parachute” Ulyanovsk guards Suvorov military school.

According to the Minister, the defense Ministry is expanding the system of pre-University educational institutions for the education of the younger generation. So, last year began the work of the Tula Suvorov military school, whose team has already made its debut in the WHC. At the same time in 2017, according to the decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, will open a branch of the Nakhimov naval school in Murmansk and the presidential cadet Academy in Petrozavodsk.