Scientists have crossbred a pig and a human

In USA scientists have managed to create the embryo of the body, which crossed human cells and pigs, according to the newspaper Telegraph.


In an unexpected experiment, we used the porcine embryo, in which introduced human stem cells. Then the Bud turned the sow, and after a while the stem cells transformed into cells that will become different types of tissues, including heart, liver and neurons.


“We started with the fact that three or four years ago were able to grow pancreas of the mouse inside the lab rats, and Vice versa. We got a Chimera, a blend of two different individuals. If this principle is applied to human and pig, in the future you can grow a pancreas of the person inside the body of a pig,” said Professor Hiro Nakauchi.


Chimeras in science is called the organisms that combine human cells and animals. According to scientists, in this case, the experiment was the most successful to date experience and a major step on the way of obtaining embryos of animals with functioning human organs. The goal of the research is the successful cultivation of organs for transplant to sick people. In addition, chimeras can use to test new drugs. However, experiments with them are a matter of controversy in the scientific world for ethical reasons.


It is noted that the specified surrogate mother pig was injected with a mixture of cells of animal and human. Of the more than two thousand implantable embryos survived 186 chimeras. The experiment was completed after 28 days, but it has recognized the incredible. For the first time in the history of the human cells developed within the body of the animal. According to experts, it proves that in the future will thus be to grow organs for transplantation.