Russia is not Syria imposes the terms of the settlement and the new Constitution – foreign Ministry

No one is going to argue with Syrians on the question of the Constitution of the country. This was stated by official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She also noted that the Kurds should participate in the Syrian talks in Geneva. However, she stressed that the draft Constitution presented by Moscow to Damascus, there is no proposal on the establishment of the Kurdish autonomy.


In the document, the Russian side merely denotes the circle of questions which the Syrians need to pay attention to, and does not put forward the ways of government.


“We, I repeat, do not offer any form of organization of the Syrian state. We are all put on by the Syrians themselves questions for which you want to start a discussion. That’s what was going on. Speaking figuratively, the time has come when in the hands of a warring need to invest a draft Constitution and remove the machines,” – said Zakharov.


The official representative of the diplomatic corps also said that Russia is ready for dialogue with the new US leadership. According to her, Moscow is waiting for Washington specific proposals.

Photo: Benjamin Hiller / / Globallookpress