Nine-year-old girl received a fracture of the spine in the Lipetsk bus

In Lipetsk nine-year-old girl received a compression fracture of the spine during the trip on the Shuttle bus, reports LipetskMedia.

The incident occurred on January 26. The child together with mother rode in the back seat of the bus. At some point, the GROOVE jumped on “lying police”, with the result that the girl hit. The victim was hospitalized.

In the regional Department of the Ministry of interior reported that in fact the incident is conducted investigation verification. It was found that the driver was 41-year-old driver convoy No. 1414.

On January 26 in Moscow, the taxi driver argued with a passenger and pushed her with the child out of the car. After that, the boy was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and concussion. The cause of the conflict was the seat, which child soiled feet. In fact the incident initiated a criminal case on the beatings. Suspect placed under house arrest.