Named the most cash in the history of films-winners of “Oscar”

A rating of five most grossing in the history of films-winners of the “Oscar” for “Best film” amounted to the publication The Wall Street Journal. Experts estimate the fees box office adjusted for inflation.


Fifth place experts have awarded the ribbon, 1973, “the sting.” The main roles played by Paul Newman and Robert Redford. The painting itself with a budget of 5.5 million dollars has collected in hire more than 770 million.


Followed by “Scam” in fourth place is “Ben-Hur”. In 1959, the creators of this military drama has been enriched by 848 million dollars. The bronze medal was won by “Titanic” with revenue of 1.17 billion dollars.


In second place was the picture 1965, loosely based on the famous Broadway musical “the Sound of music.” In her piggy Bank to 1.23 billion dollars. The highest grossing in the history of film journalists called “gone with the wind”, he grossed $ 1.7 billion. This record was not broken until now.

Photo: ZUMAPRESS a90 / globallookpress