Lavrov spoke about the steps on simplification of obtaining Russian citizenship


RIA Novosti

The law on compatriots works, but you must take a number of steps that would facilitate the process of obtaining citizenship. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM, on 25 January, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov during the government hour in the state Duma.

“The law works, the law allowed significantly in recent years to consolidate the Diaspora, to help our compatriots abroad to defend their rights in the host countries,” — said Lavrov. “Having said that I certainly want to agree with the need to take additional steps in the sphere of citizenship,” he said.

In this regard there are several “systemic problems”. In the first place — the fact that to obtain Russian citizenship you need to renounce the citizenship of a foreign state and, moreover, to present the state’s decision about it.

“It is clear that not only Ukraine, but a number of other countries, such certificates will not be issued. I know that the Committee for the Affairs of compatriots discussed the possibility to remove this requirement and to have enough copies of the statement of the citizen of a third country that he filed a request. This, I believe, necessary to support”, — said Lavrov.

Second, for three years, the Ministry of foreign Affairs is trying to resolve the issue of nationality of children from mixed marriages, the Minister continued. “If the child of a mixed marriage born in Russia, is to be submitted either parent. If this mixed marriage had taken place and the family lives abroad, and a Russian mother wants the child to obtain a passport, you need the consent of the father,” he explained. “It turns out that the same issue is solved differently. See this as a departure from the principle of equality, which is enshrined in the Constitution”, — said Lavrov.

The next problem relates to situations where the marriage with a foreigner or foreigner, he or she is required three years to be in a state of residence. “I think this is excessive and, probably, something can be done,” — said Lavrov.

Finally, the Minister recalled the decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the simplified citizenship native language and culture. “There is no clear enforcement of the rules, and if the State Duma Committee on compatriots attended to this issue, we will be ready to participate actively in the formulation of appropriate recommendations,” — said Lavrov.