A teacher in the US fired for “shooting” trump: video

A teacher from the American school in the Dallas area were sent to “administrative leave” after he has published in social networks video, which was filmed on one of its classes on the day of the inauguration of U.S. President Donald trump, this writes the Dallas News. The video is available online.


On it the teacher shoots a water pistol picture of Donald trump, accompanying their actions with emotional cries of “Die, die!”. The material is not specified, what is the pedagogical effect would make the woman committing this act in front of students of the educational institution.


In independent educational district Dallas confirmed the information on dismissal of the teacher from teaching activities, the newspaper reports.


“Today we learned about the social networks of the video, which featured a teacher from W. H. Adamson High School. She was placed on administrative leave, we will investigate the incident,” – said the representative of educational district Dallas.

Video: WheredidMaGo / Twitter