Victoria Nuland leaves the U.S. state Department

Victoria Nuland during Euromaidan

The assistant Secretary on Affairs of Europe and Eurasia Victoria Nuland and a number of high-ranking diplomats are leaving this week to their positions, leaving the Department of state. Reported by the Associated Press.

In his post Nuland took an active part in the Euromaidan in Ukraine, often visiting Kiev in the midst of the protests. In December 2013, she gave protesters on independence square in Kiev treat. Russian media reported that it was cookies, however, Nuland States that gave hungry people sandwiches, not only protesters, but also fighters of special forces “Berkut”.

In addition to Nuland, refers to the under Secretary for the administrative part of Patrick Kennedy, assistant Secretary Joyce Barr and Michelle bond. In addition, his post leaves the head of the office of foreign missions, gentry Smith.

After the resignation of Secretary of state John Kerry, acting head of the Department of state takes his former Deputy, Thomas Shannon. For the post’s new President, Donald trump nominated former Manager of Exxon Mobile Rex Tillerson, however, his candidacy was not approved yet in the Senate.