The state Duma has extended the rights of the accounting chamber


RIA Novosti

The state Duma adopted in the third final reading of a law aimed at improving the activities of the accounts chamber (SP) of the Russian Federation, which, in particular, complemented by the norms establishing the liability of auditors for abuse and improper performance of their duties.

Now, according to the law, the SP will send the Prime Minister an analytical note on the implementation progress of not only the Federal budget and budgets of state extrabudgetary funds.

The head of the joint venture is now required in identifying the grounds for the early release of the auditor from office to inform the President of the Russian Federation. The grounds for early release will be a violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation, abuse of the service, systematic non-performance or improper performance of official duties.

The auditor will be prematurely released from office by the decision of the chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which appointed him, if for such decision the majority vote from total number of deputies of the state Duma or the Federation Council (SF).

SP also has the right to appeals of legislative bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation to give its opinion on the compliance of the candidates for the post of Chairman of the control and calculating body of the region established by the law “On General principles of organization and activity of control and counting bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation and municipal entities” requirements.

Also clarifies that SP is empowered to exercise the external gokudera over observance by legal entities of the terms of government contracts. The bill expands the functions of the joint venture, which is now on a quarterly basis simultaneously with the operational report on the execution of the Federal budget should be submitted to the Duma and the Federation Council the same information about the execution of the budgets of state extrabudgetary funds of the Russian Federation.