The Russian foreign Ministry has condemned the kidnapping in Poland, a memorial plaque in honor of Soviet soldiers

The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova

In the Polish city of Gniezno (greater Poland Voivodeship) stolen a memorial plaque, installed in honor of the red army, liberated it during the Second world war. This is stated in the statement of the MFA of Russia.

The document stresses that the attackers had much time for blasphemous actions: on January 21 in Gniezno traditionally celebrated the Day of liberation from German occupation.

“(…) we are talking about the indisputable fact disrespect to the history of our common struggle against fascism. Furthermore, the Board is in the agreed at the bilateral level, the list of memorable places of Russian (Soviet) defenders of the Fatherland who perished on the territory of the Republic of Poland” — said in a statement.

The Russian foreign Ministry recalled that the repetition of incidents of this kind is a direct result of the connivance of the Polish administration, with its policy of eliminating unwanted monuments, reminiscent of the contribution of the red army in the liberation of the country.

In March last year, the Institute of national memory of Poland has declared its intention to achieve 500 demolition of Soviet monuments. The Director of the institution Lukasz Kaminski then explained that this initiative is nothing new. “The Institute has long been said about the dismantling of the so-called monuments of gratitude. (…) New in our offer — just what had the idea to create a Museum under the open sky or just a Museum of such monuments, where you can collect them in one place,” he said.