The court of St. Petersburg decided to dismantle the plaque Kolchak


Another memorial plaque in St. Petersburg went “under demolition”, smolninskiy district court of the Northern capital made the decision to dismantle a memorial plaque to Admiral Kolchak, appeared in the end of 2016 at Large of Zelenina street.

Against the appearance of the memorial said the residents who filed the application to court. They argued that the perpetuation of the self-proclaimed Supreme ruler of Russia, the city authorities are trying to conduct his extrajudicial rehabilitation, which can not be allowed. In support of their position they presented to the court rulings of the Military Collegium of the Supreme court and Deputy Chairman of the Supreme court’s refusal to rehabilitate Kolchak in 2001. In turn, the city authorities insist on the fact that Kolchak is revered not as a war criminal, agreed to the partition of Russia between France and England, and as a scientist and military, who for many years has glorified his state. However, the court held that the decision of the government of St. Petersburg to permit installation of the Board was illegal and ordered to remove it. His opinion about the identity of Admiral Kolchak was expressed by doctor of historical Sciences, specialist in the white movement Andrey Ganin: “In my opinion, Kolchak is worthy of perpetuation. He is a multifaceted personality, who did a lot for Russia’s military glory, and as a scientist-oceanographer. And if in Russia we have perpetuated the memory of the murderers of the king, why not hang a memorial plaque to a man who fought in the Civil war on the other side?”