Russian warships in a meaningless escort services are not needed – Konashenkov

Official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov commented on the statement by the representative of the defence of great Britain Michael Fallon. Earlier, Fallon said that British naval power was accompanied by passing in the North sea aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, and said that this boyevy the ship is the “ship of shame”.


According to Konashenkov, such statements are part of the show, designed to distract the British from the state of the British fleet.


“The purpose of these statements and show played out with escort-escort our ships, is to divert the attention of the British taxpayers from the real state of the Royal Navy of great Britain,” – said Konashenkov.


He also stressed that the Russian warships are not in need of meaningless escort services because I know my course, and advised Michael Fallon to pay more attention to the Navy’s own country.


Earlier the representative of the defence of the United Kingdom stated that his Ministry is “closely monitoring “Admiral Kuznetsov” on its route to Russia, the ship of shame, whose mission would only extend the suffering of the Syrian people.”


On Wednesday, the air group of the Navy of Russia went out in the North sea. On the route for the “Admiral Kuznetsov” see at least six NATO ships: warships of Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Norway.

Photo: defense Ministry