Regardie announced a massive cyber attack on your website

Regardie reported that the website has undergone a massive DDoS-attack.


The incident occurred on Wednesday evening, January 25. At two in the morning were blocked 450 unique IP addresses that were hacked. Later a number of these addresses have increased to nearly eight thousand.


“Official web site of the Federal service of National guard troops began working intermittently on 25 January. Experts… found that the site has undergone a massive DDoS-attack from multiple network requests, leading to a complete download of resources web server and the inability to operate the website,” – said in a release the Agency.


Currently, as stated by the chief of the communications Regardie major-General Alexei Belyakov, the office carried out countermeasures to reflect these attacks. About it writes RIA Novosti.

Photo: Michael Weber / / Globallookpress