Palestine hoped for Russia’s help in resolving the conflict with Israel


Flickr/ scottgunn

Palestine expects that Russia will continue to play a significant positive role in the next stages of the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Ambassador to the Arab countries in Moscow, Abdel Hafiz Nofal.

“The Palestinian factions want the role of Russia in the subsequent steps for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli dossier was significant — taking into account the fact that Moscow has for a long time (the USSR period) good relations with Palestinian factions and with Israel,” said Nofal, commenting on the results held in the Russian capital of consultations between representatives of political movements of Palestine.

The diplomat noted that Moscow has already identified the Middle East as a sphere of its strategic interests, and in resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine, it plays a “positive and good” role.

“We wanted to send a strong message: despite our differences, we are committed to find together with Russia a mechanism for effective follow-up measures. In this context, we want the Russian Federation (further — ed.) played in the near future an effective and essential role,” the Ambassador said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the PNA Mahmoud Abbas declared earlier principled support of the Russian initiative to promote the resumption of peace talks. However, in public speeches, they laid on each other the responsibility for the fact that the summit is still not agreed upon.

Speaking about the results of the earlier Moscow inter-Palestinian negotiations, he recalled that among the different political movements, including the largest and most influential in his country — Fatah and Hamas — there are differences that “have existed for decades and which cannot be resolved in two days.”

“However, the General paradigm was positive, opinions were heard. All participants agreed on the necessity of overcoming the split, and that will be useful and it’s important to bring all factions a clear message in light of the intransigence of Israel, the continuation of the policy of construction of settlements, the election of the (new) President of the United States, as well as numerous changes in the (middle East) region. It was important to convey this message to all who are affected by these problems, including our friend — Russia,” said Nofal.

In Moscow from 15 to 17 January were held informal negotiations to restore national unity, in which took part representatives of eight Palestinian fronts. The previous such meeting under the auspices of the Institute of Oriental studies was held in the Russian capital in 2011.