Media reported that Russia’s proposal to create a Kurdish autonomy in Syria

The draft Constitution of Syria proposed by Moscow, includes a provision on establishment in the territory of the Arab Republic of Kurdish autonomy. About it “Interfax” said a source in the Syrian opposition, which handed over a draft document. However, the Syria should remain a unitary state.

According to the Agency, the name of the country can eliminate the word “Arab”, leaving the name Syrian Republic. In addition, the Kurds may be able to officially use their language on par with Arabic.

From the Constitution proposing to remove the paragraph about the rule of Sharia law, and to abolish the right to re-elect the President for a second seven-year term. It is also noted that from the basic law can disappear a provision stating that the head of state must be Muslim.

Russia handed over to representatives of the armed Syrian opposition proposals for amendments to the Constitution of Syria meeting in Astana.

Negotiations in the capital of Kazakhstan on Syria took place from 23 to 24 January under the mediation of Moscow and Ankara. Representatives of the armed opposition and the government delegation agreed to continue contacts.

Currently, Syria has a Constitution, adopted in 2012.