Ipsos: Russia topped the rating of countries that believe in the trump


Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Russia topped the rating of countries who believe that the Republican Donald trump be a good President of the United States. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the international sociological center of Ipsos. Publishes the Spanish Agency EFE.

According to his information, 74% of Russians believe in the success of trump as President of the United States. After the RF is India, where 65% of respondents believe that it will be a worthy occupant of the White house. More pessimistic in relation to the new American leader tuned citizens of Spain, 84% of whom believe that trump will not be a good President for the United States.

For Spanish, followed by Mexicans (81%), Britons (80%), Germans (78%) and France (77%). In the US there is almost a “draw”: 52% of respondents believe trump, 48% of Americans think that the Republican’s choice for the highest office in the country.

With regard to the activities of the former head of the White house Barack Obama, 76% of respondents around the world had approved his work as President. Tops the ranking of States considering that Obama was a good President, Republic of Korea (92%) and India (89%). In Russia the former leader of the United States was satisfied for only 13% of respondents.

The Ipsos survey took place in late December of last year and early January this year in 24 States around the world. The study was conducted over 18 thousand interviews.