In Sochi, a patient beat a paramedic ambulance

In Sochi, a patient beat a paramedic ambulance, according to “the”.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, January 25, when the doctors tried to help the man lost consciousness. Recovering, he kicked officer of ambulance and ran away. The paramedic suffered a concussion of the brain. In addition, the patient has damaged the equipment of the ambulance.

As reported “Interfax” in regional Directorate of the interior Ministry, the suspect in the attack was detained. It was them 27-the summer local resident, who was at that moment in a condition of narcotic intoxication. In fact the incident is checked.

In October 2016 in Norilsk the patient after taking the shot from a traumatic gun dermatologist. The suspect explained that his act caused by dissatisfaction with the quality and treatment of the doctor.