In Moscow, the paramedics will test the system jamming

In Moscow will soon begin to test the new method emergency alert: drivers are planned to inform about the approaching ambulance on the radio. On Wednesday, January 25, the TV channel “360”.

As told the press Secretary of the Department of information technology Elena Novikova capital, the new method allows you to pass information through the receiver, even if the driver in this moment is not listening to the radio. It is sufficient that the device has been enabled.

“They [technologies] allow to drown out the voice signal that you’re listening to radio, or CD, or USB flash drive and replace it with an emergency alert,” — said Novikov. She added that the use of such a signal requires large financial costs.

That the Moscow authorities and the Ministry of communications are discussing a new method of an emergency informing drivers and passengers, reported the newspaper “Kommersant”. According to one embodiment, the ambulances will have to intercept the signal Radio Data System (RDS) receivers that require you to give way. “You can interrupt the music, leave the receiver switched on and transmit the message to the driver,” — said the head of the Department of communication, warning and automated systems of the Department for civil defense, emergencies and fire safety of Moscow Sergey Martyshov.

The communications Ministry noted that the issue is in the early stages of discussion.