Human rights activists told about the harsh treatment of children of refugees in the Balkans

The guards of the Balkan countries (Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria) abused children refugees. About it reports on Thursday, January 26, citing data from the international organization “save the children” (Save the Children) The Independent.

Teenagers, some of them barely 12 years old, the guards beat, egging the dogs, and then sent back to Belgrade.

Daily to Serbia return to one hundred migrants, half of whom are children.

As the newspaper notes, it often happens that the refugees go in ragged clothes, they do not have warm clothes.

“One Iraqi family with a 8-year-old daughter walked all night in temperatures of minus 12 degrees. At itself they had only two blankets. When they got to the care center in Belgrade, the girl was completely exhausted,” — said the publication of the official representative of the organization “save the children” Gemma Parkin.

Until March 2016, the so-called Balkan route of smuggling of migrants to Europe through Greece, Macedonia and Serbia are considered to be core. However, once the EU has signed a deal with Turkey, promising in exchange for the overlap of the transit refugees money and a number of political concessions, and bordering with Serbia the country has erected on the borders of fences, the flow was thought to have almost dried up. However, some migrants still gets to Europe on the Balkan route.