Democrats create “combat” headquarters against trump

The democratic party creates “a war room” to deal with the country’s President, Donald trump and his team.


According to the newspaper The Hill, the disgruntled political activists four main objectives: to look for corruption scandals in the past the White house, check out the ins and outs of the new administration, to track the possible relations with Russia and to protect the legacy of Barack Obama.


In charge of the project is Zac Petkanas that the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton was responsible for advocacy “rapid response” to developments.


The first decrees trump criticized former U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright. She told to media that out of solidarity with migrants, against whom it intends to tighten policy, the new President, ready to join the Muslim women.


“I was raised Catholic, later moved to the Episcopal Church, and later found that my family was of the Jewish faith. I’m ready to embrace Islam for reasons of solidarity. Welcome the refugees,” wrote Albright in Twitter.

Photo: MediaPunch / face to face / globallookpress