As a result of avalanches in Italy killed 29 people

The number of victims of avalanches at the hotel di Rigopiano Farindola in the Italian mountain of Gran Sasso reached 29 people. During the RAID, were found the bodies of the two victims who were listed as missing, reports the local TV channel Rai News 24.


“Search-and-rescue operation at the site of the collapse is completed. Rescuers managed to find and pull out from-under snow blockages 11 survivors, as well as the bodies of 29 victims. Just, as stated, at the time of the avalanche in the hotel, there were 28 tourists (four of them children) and 12 employees,” he told journalists.


Earlier it was reported that under the snow rubble in the Abruzzo region, where the mountain hotel on the night of January 19, has gone a powerful avalanche can be air bagsthat may still be survivors.


Photo: Vigili del Fuoco dpa / globallookpress