The WSJ called an indirect data source for dirt on trump

Sergei Millian

An indirect source of information for the report about the alleged connection between the US President Donald trump and the Russian leadership was a us citizen of Belarusian origin Sergey Millian. This writes The Wall Street Journal.

38-year-old Millian, President, Russian-American chamber of Commerce in the United States, would, according to the publication, to provide materials, which amounted to about a third of the report.

As noted, perhaps Millian didn’t know where will be used the information he shared. Among allegedly made of the information by the interlocutor has been forwarded, is called the statement about the presence in the dirt video information against trump, as well as “secret cooperation” between the billionaire and the Russian leadership, which was carried out the hacking of the Democrats.

He called Millian contained in the report of information about, and their publication is an attempt to divert the President from the real work.

January 11, the website BuzzFeed published the report of a former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele of “deep links” trump of Russia. The paper alleged that Russian intelligence has collected dirt on a Republican and his main rival in the struggle for presidency — Democrat Hillary Clinton. It is also said that the FSB was blackmailing the billionaire the incriminating evidence obtained during his visit to Moscow in 2013.

Trump has denied the allegations that Russia has used the levers of pressure on him, the author of the report called “the failure of the spy,” and promised to punish BuzzFeed for publishing material. In the Kremlin, reports of the presence of dirt on trump called nonsense.