The U.S. Congress may prohibit Trump to have a nuclear war

In the Congress of the United States of America introduced a bill titled “Limitation of the first use of nuclear weapons”, which, according to the authors, should reduce the risk of nuclear conflict, the United States with other countries, reported RIA Novosti.


In the case of the bill, the President will lose the right to first nuclear strike without a formal Declaration of war by Congress.


“This law will forbid the President to put a nuclear first strike without a Declaration of war by Congress. The problem of “first-use” has become critically important now that President Donald trump has the right to start a nuclear war at any moment”, – said one of the sponsors, Senator from the Democratic party, Edward Markey.


The authors emphasize that at the moment the head of state has the right to give the order for nuclear strike at any time, in the current unstable political situation substantially increases the risks of nuclear conflict.


“Neither the President Trump, no other President should be permitted to use nuclear weapons except in response to a nuclear attack,” – said Brand.

Photo: Evan Golub / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress