The Russians were put on trial in Turkey for the preparation of terrorist attacks using airplanes

Police in Istanbul

Turkey began the trial of nine alleged members of the “Islamic state”, including seven Russians and two Turks. They are suspected of preparing terrorist attacks using RC aircraft, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

According to the indictment, the militants were engaged in collecting data to determine where to attack. Attacks on behalf of ISIS was planned to perform in Istanbul in June 2016. All nine people were detained in the operation against the members of this banned terrorist groups in June and July.

One of them was Zelimkhan Zaiceva (Zelimkhan Tsaysaev) is found associated with the “Islamic state” documents, and items needed to create a belt of the suicide bomber. Other detainees in phones found photos taken in a combat zone, as well as songs praising ISIS.

Home Curie Gazaeva (Kyuri Khatsaev) and Orstkho Hassan (Hassan Orstho) seized two remote controlled aircraft, capable of carrying from 17 to 50 kilograms of explosives. It is established that the weapons were transported to Istanbul from neighboring Syria, Sanliurfa province.

The Prosecutor asked to appoint to come to trial a suspect for up to 15 years in prison for participating in an armed formation.

As reported TASS the Russian Consul General in Istanbul Andrey Podyachev, diplomats were not officially informed about the trial of the Russians. “We have found out about this today from the press. Consequently, our diplomats are not involved in this process,” he said.