The government has allocated over 15 billion on the development of villages and roads

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, which allocated the budgets of Russian regions on development of rural areas. The relevant document posted on the government website on Tuesday, January 24.

Grants in the amount of 6.8 billion roubles in 2017 from the Federal budget as the implementation of the Federal target program (FTP) “Sustainable development of rural territories for 2014-2017 and for the period till 2020”, — stated in the certificate order.

The funds are aimed at improving the housing conditions (3.4 billion rubles), integrated development of settlements in rural areas (3.2 billion rubles), providing grants to support the initiatives of local citizens (76.5 billion).

Very considerable sums provided Yakutia (247 million), Bashkortostan (244,5 million roubles), Dagestan (238 million).

As noted on the website of the government, the effectiveness of subsidies is assessed annually by the Ministry of agriculture based on the achievement of performance indicators identified in the agreement between the Ministry and the Supreme Executive body of state power of subject of the Federation.

In addition, signed a decree which allocated 8.3 billion rubles of subsidies to the subjects 54 subjects of Federation on co-financing construction and reconstruction of roads leading to socially important facilities of rural settlements, and also objects of production and processing of agricultural products.

The largest subsidies aimed Bashkortostan (634,1 million), Tatarstan (578,7 million rubles) and Udmurtia (520,7 million roubles).

The decision will increase the extent of the network of public highways of regional, intermunicipal and local value, stated on the government website.

Both documents were considered and approved at the Cabinet meeting on January 19.