Sberbank commented on the news about the lawsuit on raiding

Sberbank commented on the news that the former holders of the controlling stake of the company “Pavlovskgranit” Sergey Poimanov and Irina Podgorny have filed a claim against the credit institution, accusing it of raiding. “The Bank has information that Poymanov keeps trying to evade responsibility, including criminal. The Bank’s lawyers must at all times act in accordance with the current legislation”, – told the “Stars” in the press service of Sberbank.


Earlier media reported that registered in Delaware company in November 2016, filed a lawsuit in a court in new York to the savings Bank and its head Herman Gref with a demand to pay $ 500 million for material and $ 250 million for moral damages for the loss of control over a large enterprise for production of crushed stone – “Pavlovskgranit”. The case was filed against 22 individuals and legal entities on behalf of Poimanova Sergei and Irina Podgorny, who were the holders of the controlling stake of the company “Pavlovskgranit”.


A Sberbank source familiar with the situation, told “Vedomosti”that the loan in the amount of 5.1 billion rubles were granted bail of shares under the personal guarantee Poimanova. When the debt ceased to be served, he tried to challenge the contract of personal guarantee. “There was also increased Charter capital of a number of part of the group “Pavlovskgranit” legal entities and profit center groups began to shift to the trading house controlled by the structures Palmanova”, – said the Agency interlocutor.


The source stated that the Bank acted according to standard procedure without violations, the debt was recognized as problematic and transferred to “Sberbank capital”. “He has made the recovery of stock through the courts and sold them. This is one of the standard ways to work with distressed assets, and the deal was done with a small discount at the end of 2011,” – said the source.


Later, says the source, “Vedomosti”, the savings Bank and its subsidiaries had no relationship to future litigation around the “Pavlovskgranit”.


PPF Management claim that Sberbank, its head German Gref, “Sberbank capital”, its CEO Ashot Khachaturyants, “neo Centre”, its Vice-President Oleg Gref and co-owner of National non-metallic company Yury Zhukov allegedly entered into a criminal conspiracy for the sake of raiding “Pavlovskgranit”. As follows from the records in the archives of the court of new York, the case was closed to the public immediately after filing a claim. In late December, the PPF Management LLC filed a motion for disclosure of these materials, and it was granted on 6 January this year.


A preliminary hearing was scheduled for April 20 in new York.

Photo: Maksim Blinov/ RIA Novosti