Russian doctors help the residents of Aleppo

In Eastern Aleppo survived no clinic and no hospital. It is not surprising that the news of the advent of physicians from Russia instantly spread around the area.


Surgeons, physicians, pediatricians are receiving straight into the school building. The room has long been not heated, and the walls and ceiling a lot of holes from the shells. To heat is the emergency Department, the doctors put a special oven.


According to pediatricians, bring lots of babies – all of them suffer from poor maintenance. The parents there are not only medicines, but also hygiene products to support the health of babies.


In adults, surgeons say, has changed the nature of the disease. Began to come less people with fresh wounds, mainly complain of chronic illness and long not healing wounds.


In the school building there are mountains of boxes – all the necessary medications to help the Syrians to survive. Here and antibiotics, and means of first aid. The Russian military help local doctors deal with the Russian names drugs.


On the streets of Eastern Aleppo employees of the Russian center for conciliation of the parties handing out humanitarian aid – hot meals and basic necessities. Do not stop your work and sappers: only for the last day they cleared more than fifty residential houses and social objects, and also neutralized dozens of kilometers of roads.