Russia was declared wanted over a thousand terrorists

The Russian authorities announced an international search of over thousands of accused terrorists to the people, said the chief of National Central Bureau of Interpol Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Alexander Prokopchuk in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“An important part of our business is internationally wanted terrorists… Only in 2016 we have achieved the arrests and subsequent renditions of suspects in crimes from Germany, Slovakia, Turkey, Tunisia, the UAE,” he said.

According to him, under the auspices of Interpol, there are various anti-terrorism projects that are essential for the rapid exchange of information and coordination of actions of militiamen. In 2016, said the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has joined the project “the Watchmaker”, directed against the manufacturers of improvised explosive devices.

Interpol pays great attention to its mailbox, video channels and websites to prevent terrorists to exploit the Internet.

“Thanks to the joint work of Interpol in Cyprus was identified Russian reporting false information about impending terrorist attacks. In particular, he threatened to blow up the airport of Larnaca, the authorities of Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belarus,” said Prokopchuk.

Photo: Jairo Cajina / / Globallookpress