Russia has prepared a draft Constitution for Syria

International talks on the Syrian settlement in Astana

The Russian delegation in Astana was handed over to representatives of the armed opposition of Syria, a draft Constitution for the Republic. On Tuesday, January 24, “Interfax” reported the head of the delegation, special envoy of the President of Russia SAR, Alexander Lavrentiev.

“The draft Constitution currently in the hands of the armed opposition, and we expect their reactions, which for us is very important and interesting from the point of view of providing further aid,” he said.

According to Lavrentyev, Russian specialists prepared a project to “accelerate the adoption of the Constitution of Syria and give it an additional impulse”.

The talks in Astana ended the day on 24 January. During the meeting, Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed to establish a tripartite mechanism for monitoring observance of the truce in Syria.

Currently, in the Arab Republic governed by a Constitution adopted in 2012.

The opposition of President Bashar al-Assad and rebels demanding his resignation, started in 2011 and escalated into full-scale civil war, during which the power gained by terrorist organizations. From 30 September 2015 to support Assad’s forces have Russian armed forces.