Retired from SRS Mizulina proposed to imprison pedophiles for life

Elena Mizulina

Member of Council of Federation Elena Mizulina in the near future will introduce to the state Duma a bill offering a substantial toughening of punishment for sexual abuse of children. On Tuesday, January 24, the Agency reports city news “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the Senator.

We are talking about life imprisonment, if the offender — people from the close environment of the child, for example, his relative or teacher.

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According to Mizulina, the amendment to the criminal code, providing for stricter accountability for those who abused the trust a child has been previously suggested but was not approved.

The Senator also recalled that, pending another bill, which provides for the abolition of the Statute of limitations for crimes of pedophiles. “The trial for such crimes requires a long period of time. As a result, the years are required to bring the case to court. And even if wine is installed, the police have to release the offender on the basis of lapse of time”, she explained. Thus, in her opinion, the presence of limitations runs on the criminal.

Earlier it was reported that the Investigative Committee started checking after appearing in some media about sexual crimes against students in Moscow “League of schools” by the school head and his Deputy. The graduates said that it lasted for more than 20 years — throughout the time of existence of the educational institution. “League of schools” were closed in 2015 after the reorganization.

On 23 January it became known that Mizulina wrote a statement of withdrawal from the party “Fair Russia”, which was in 2007. According to a member of the faction WED in the state Duma Alexei Chepa, it was not accompanied by any conflict.