Published color footage of Stalin’s funeral, taken the US military

American historian Douglas Smith has published on his page in Facebook 11 unique color photographs taken in the USSR in 50-ies of the last century, major us army, Martin Manhiem.




According to Douglas, Menchov served at the U.S. Embassy in the USSR from February 1952 to June 1954, and was later expelled from Moscow on suspicion of espionage. Manhoff traveled and photographed life in the Soviet Union in color 16 mm film. All this material was kept closed in the house of the major in Washington state, USA, for the last half century.



“After the death of his wife Mungofa I asked permission to visit his home last summer and to see what can be valuable for a historian. I was surprised at what I found. The last few months I’ve digitized and sorted pictures and movies,” wrote the historian.




According to him, among the found rarities – 15-minute color film Stalin’s funeral, filmed from the window of the old U.S. Embassy in the hotel “national”. Also found thousands of color photographs made on the streets of Moscow, Leningrad, Murmansk, Yalta and stations of the TRANS-Siberian railway. Douglas Smith said that now he thinks how it would be better to show the public this valuable treasure.

Photo: Douglas Smith / Facebook