In Lisbon, a passenger ferry crashed into a pier

Video from the scene

As a result of collision passenger ferry with pier in Lisbon wounds of various severity level have received 34. It is reported Diario de Noticias.

The ship on Board of which there were 561 people arrived in the Portuguese capital from the city of Barreiro. The accident occurred at a time when the ferry tried to dock.

According to preliminary data, the reason of the incident was heavy fog near the port of destination as well as an error of the captain, who did not observe speed limits.

For investigation of accident set up a special Commission.

On 8 January last year, the Japanese Beetle passenger ship collided with a whale off the coast of South Korea. Four people were injured due to falls and bumps. The ship itself received no damage, but returned to the port of Busan. There the victims were hospitalized.