German police conducted a special operation against the “Citizens of the Reich”

In Germany, the police conducted a special operation against neo-Nazis. About it reports Reuters.

It was attended by a total of about 200 guards: at dawn they conducted simultaneous raids in six regions, including Berlin. Detained seven people. The six are suspected of establishing right-wing extremist group “Reichsburger” (“citizens of the Reich”) and planning armed attacks on the police, migrants and Jews, seventh — that he assisted them. The detainees met through the social network, confirmed in a statement to the police.

The rise of far-right extremism in Germany is associated with the migration crisis, in which arrived in the country more than a million refugees. According to police and intelligence services, in 2015 in Germany, there were about 11.8 thousand right-wing radicals, by the end of 2016, the number had risen to 12.1 thousand.