Five Vladimir Schoolgirls knocked out teeth classmate

A girl born in 2004 hospitalized in the Vladimir region after she was beaten by five schoolmates. On Tuesday, January 24, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Deputy head a press-services UMVD on the region Andrey Tutueva.

He said that on 18 January, the victim’s mother contacted the police of the town of Alexandrov, a statement that her daughter was beaten. “At school they have a conflict situation arose, and after school five girls invited this girl to the entrance adjacent to the school building and began to beat her until then, until it started to bleed. Then they stopped and ran away,” explained Tutu.

Obesity stabbed classmate punches and kicks, resulting in knocked out her teeth. According to the representative a press-services regional UMVD, the girl will stay in hospital for at least another two weeks.

Tutu added that established the identity of all participants of the conflict. They were all from wealthy families. Police checks on the fact of what happened.

In December last year, three students at Valdai beat 13-year-old girl in front of other children. As a result, she was hospitalized with a brain contusion and rupture of the organ of the abdominal cavity.